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image0711976: I completed a B.Sc. degree with Physics and Mathematics as main subjects at Pretoria University. Then, at the end of this year I received a Godly call to study the influence of our solar system's planets on Earth and to compare it with fulfillment of Biblical end time prophecies.

A Friday night, 1977: I met an ex hippie in Sunnyside Pretoria who got powerfully reborn from a wild and wicked lifestyle.

I invited him to my flat. After some time we started to pray earnestly for people who were trapped in all kinds of problems and addictions. About midnight we went to sleep.

image072Around 4 am: I was sleeping deeply. Then suddenly the Lord spoke to me with a very loud, clear and beautifull voice.
It seemed as if God the Father was about 400 meter above me behind the clouds. His voice was so exciting and full of Fatherly love. I could alternately hear the voices of God the Father and His Son (Jesus Christ). It felt as if this awesome voice must have been heard by everyone in a 100 km radius around Pretoria. It seemed as though the Lord spoke to me for about an hour. Yet, I can only remember one sentence clearly. (In Afrikaans)
'My son, go forth in My power, for the time is short!'.

16 August 98: Five angels appeared to Dr Samuel Doctorian on the Isle of Patmos in Greece. They introduced themselves as the 'Angels of the Five Continents of the World' and revealed things to him that would happen earth over a short period of time. They then already (1998) informed Dr Doctorian about the coming twin tower (Sep 11 2001) attacks in New York.

Many of these revelations have already come true.

According to angels above the following will happen shortly.
• The Eifel tower in Paris will crumble and fall down!!

• Great destruction will happen in London.

• A great part of northern Brazil will be covered with water and the Amazon Basin will be turned into a great sea. Many Major cities in Brazil will be destroyed and there will be earthquakes in many places. Destruction like never before will happen in Argentina and Chile. (Note: Haiti earthquake – 2010, Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans -2005, Villa Hermoza floods and 8.00 magnitude earthquake - Pisco, Peru. 800 000 buildings were destroyed. This earthquake was the most severe to hit the region in decades)

• The Nile River will dry up.

• Men will die from thirst. Water shall be scarce all over the Middle East. Rivers shall dry up, and men will fight for water in these countries. Nuclear weapons shall be used in many countries.

• The United Nations shall be broken in pieces because of the coming crisis in the Middle East.

image075bJanuary 2000. The Lord clearly instructed me to get my things in order. I then didn't know exactly how or what to do with this heavenly instruction. Then the message of the above angels was sent to me. It served as a confirmation of a new book that I had to write. Many of their warnings agreed clearly with things the Lord had told me when He spoke to me in such an awesome way during 1977.

The Afrikaans book 'Die Sterre getuig, 'Jesus Christus Kom! explains many things about the planets, heavenly bodies, comets, meteorites, galaxies, black holes, the universe, Biblical End Time prophecies etc. Also about Psalm 147:4 'He determines the number of stars. He gives each one a name.'

These Star names are astonishingly Godly inspired. The entire gospel of Christ's suffering and triumph, the salvation and victory He accomplished for us over the devil and his demons are dramatically revealed and expressed in these names. Also is His soon Return dramatically displayed in the names of stars and galaxies.


image076During 2006, I sensed an urge to write an english book about the above topic. During 2009 the first edition of my book 'You, YOUR MANSION, & quickly appearing, YOUR MAKER!' was printed.

The Bible says; 'And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. (Luk 21:11)

It can be seen clearly in this book how above signs have been occurring during the past few years. Pictures taken by the Hubble and other space telescopes, as well as progress in the field of space technology helped in a great way to expose some of these signs

The magnetosphere of Earth protects us from dangerous solar explosions etc.

16th of Dec 2008: NASA's five Themis space shuttles discovered a great opening in this magnetosphere. This opening is 10 times bigger than ever expected. Solar flares, plasma and –winds can now freely enter the earth's magnetosphere to load it with highly potential magneto storms. See a detailed discussion of above opening in this book!

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