What others Say !

What Others Say!

image079The wonders of nature and the universe have been revealed to us for centuries through scientific research. Since earliest times, scientific findings have been controversial, from Galileo's description of planetary motion to the Higgs boson. The arrival of evolution theory, calculations about the age of the earth and the postulation of the big bang brought even more excitement and confusion, depending on the perspective from which you look at it. 


In his books/Dvds Cobe de Kock succeeds in placing our wonderful universe in perspective as the handiwork of our mighty Creator. The appeal that he makes to the viewer (reader) is that if you truly believe in God as Creator, the Books/Dvds will increase your sense of amazement about the instruments used by God to perfect His Creation. 


God has given us intellect to discover the building blocks of the universe and to apply to the benefit of mankind. A Christian may never feel removed from science and its wonders, but should look at it through the lens of God's Word. Cobe's Dvds/book provides for us this pair of spectacles.


Prof. Gerrit N van Wyk. Professor of Physics and former acting vice-rector: Academic industry. University of the Free State.


image081I read Cobe de Kock's book "You, YOUR MANSION & quickly appearing, YOUR MAKER 'for the first time, with great interest, during the latter half of 2009, and have returned to it many times since.


I have a great appreciation for the way the author combines astronomical accuracy with his sincere and passionate faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Using the oldest blackboard in existence – the night sky – Cobe highlights a large number of astronomical objects and patterns, helping us, in each instance, to see their Creator behind them, passionately desiring to reveal Himself to us, and to lovingly draw us into a saving relationship with Himself.


Once one begins to see the night sky in this way, every upward gaze becomes an inspiring encounter with the Living God.


(Dr Johannes Cronje. 20 Jan 2011. Paediatrician, 3 Military Hospital, Bloemfontein. Paediatric Kidney Specialist. University of the Free State.)


image083Astrology or Astronomy – what's the difference? And does it matter? Well the one is believed to tell you about yourself and the other? Cobe de Kock gives the answer with exciting information which goes far beyond the stars.

This is a gem of a book. I enjoyed every page. If you know the Star-Maker you'll love it too. If you don't you are in for an amazing adventure. Enjoy! I did!


Many people like to know what the stars have to say about themselves. That is astrology and deceptive as best and the occult by fact. However the stars have something to say about their Creator. Cobe de Kock looked and listened carefully, then wrote it all down so we too can enjoy the wonderful messages. No matter whether you know the Creator or not this book is one of those rare not to miss experiences.


Cobe de Kock THANK YOU! Your book is quite an experience. May many read and enjoy it. All who do so will learn of the wonders of the Living God both in the Cosmos and in Mankind. 


Rhussie Symington. Stanford, Western Cape


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